Hanoi Food Specialties

I. Nem Phung: 30 Hang Bun St, VND 30000/meal.
Nem Tai: Hang Thung St.
Nem Chua Nuong: Hang Bo - Hang Bac St. (only in night, up 19h)
Nom Hoa Chuoi: Nguyen Luong Bang St. ( papaya with banana flower)
Nom Bo Kho: 25-27 Hoan Kiem lake, VND 4000/meal, Ham Long St.-only in afternoon (papaya with fried beef or bird and special sauce)
Banh Gio: Luong Dinh Cua St or Hang Giay St
Banh Troi Tau: 30 Hang Giay St. VND 5000/meal.
Banh Goi and Banh Ran: 52 Ly Quoc Su St, VND 5000 - 7000/meal
Banh Duc: 8 Le Quoc Han St, (only in afternoon)
Banh Cay: ngo Dinh Liet.

II. Slug
Ong Gia eating house: 31 To Ngoc Van St VND 7000/meal.
Phuong Nguyen eating house: To Ngoc Van St
Duc Muoi eating house : Lieu Giai.
Oc luoc la chanh: 1 Dinh Liet St VND 7000/meal (boiled slug with lemon leaf)
Oc Xao: De La Thanh St (snail fried)

III. Che
Che Hue: 10 Ta Hien, VND 2000-3500/glass.
Che Thap Cam: 72 Tran Hung Dao St, up VND 7000/glass or 80 Hang Dieu St , up VND 3000/glass (very good)
Che Thai: Market corner Ho Dac Di St, very good .
Che chuoi: the end of street Nguyen Binh Khiem (only in afternoon). IV. Pho, Mi (noodle), Mien (glass noodle), Chao (special rice), Bun:
Pho Bat Dan: 49 Bat Dan St VND 5000-10000/bowl, pay in advance, (noodle soup with beef )
Pho Ly Quoc Su: 2 Ly Quoc Su St or Lo Duc St, VND 5000-10000/bowl, pay in advance ,(noodle soup with beef ) - very good
Pho Ly Sang: 2 Hang Ga St , VND 5000-8000/bowl (noodle soup with beef )
Pho Nam Dinh: the end of  Doi Can St or Cau Giay St (noodle soup with beef )
Pho Ga: 34 Le Van Huu, VND 5000/bowl (noodle soup with chicken )
Pho Xao: near Pho Bat Dan (fried noodle)
Mi Van Than: Dinh Ngang St , VND 5000/bowl
Banh Da Cua: conflux of Dang Tat - Quan Thanh St. (noodles with crab)
Banh Cuon: Hang Ga St or 17 Cha Ca St, or 11 Tong Duy Tan St (steamed rolls made of rice-flour)
Bun Oc: 73A Mai Hac De St VND 5000/b
owl( noodles with slug)
Bun Cha: 1 Hang Manh St, VND 10000-15000/meal (noodles and grilled meat)
or 80 Nguyen Khuyen St
Bun Ngan: 73 Hai Ba Trung St, VND 5000/b
Bun Bo: 67 Hang Dieu St, VND 8000/meal (
vermicelli and beef)
Bun Bo Hue: Hang Ga St (beef noodle soup of Hue)
Bun Thang: 29 Hang Hanh,  or Le Van Huu St, or Cau Go St (
noodles in chicken broth)
Bun Dau: Lo Su St, VND 5000/meal (noodles and
 soya curd)
Bun rieu cua: the end of  Phan Boi Chau St (
noodles in crab chowder)
Bun ca: 5 Nguyen Truong To St, or  Han Thuyen St ,or  Luong Van Can St (noodles and fish )
Mien luon: Hang Dieu St or the end of  Yen Ninh St or
opposite of Hang Da Market
(glass noodle with eel cassava vermicelli)
Mien Cua: Hang Dieu St. (glass noodles with crab)

Chao trai: 26 Tran Xuan Soan, (special rice gruel with mussel  )
Chao Ga: 45 Ly Quoc Su St., sell only in night (special rice with chicken)
Chao Long-Tiet Canh: 7 Le Duan, beside railway , very good. (special rice with inner organ of pig)
Chao tim gan: 39 Tran Nhan Tong St, VND 5000-15000/bowl.


V. Com( Cooked Rice)
Com, Pho: 292 Le Van Huu St, ( cooked rice and noodles ).
Bi Do: 105 K1 Giang Vo St, good, opposite Hot-Rock Caf
Com rang thap cam: Cam chi St, VND1000/meal,  or
crossroads of  Nguyen Thai Hoc St -Van Mieu  VND 8000/meal (fried rice)
VI. Other.
Grub foods: ngo Tam Thuong,
Luoi lon: Nguyen Khuyen St, VND 40000/kg (
tongue of pick).
Vo bo: Hoa Ma St, near the conflux of  Hue St  .
Ga tan: Cay Si Restaurant, Tong Duy Tan St  VND 25000 (
chicken simmered with lotus seed).
Fried Chicken Legs: conflux of Trinh Hoai Duc-Nguyen Thai Hoc St.
Ngau pin: Ma May St (penis of beef)
Xoi pate: Cam Chi St (
steamed glutinous rice)
Hu tiu: Hue St - opposite Hom Market (Noodle with seasoned and saute beef)
Chi Ma Phu, Luc Tao Xa, Banh Troi Tau:  Hang Giay St (marble dumplings made of white rice flour, with rock sugar fillings)
Thit Cho: Hang Luoc St, Nhat Tan St, Am Phu Market (dog meat)
Fried Squid: Hang Bo St (only in night)

VII. Cafe, tea ,ice cream
Danh Tra 55: Phan Chu Trinh, VND 5000-10000/
galss,romantic plate (Dilmah-lipton)
Dilmah-Lipton: many in Dien Bien Phu St
Bao Oanh:
the first house of  Thanh Nien St,.
City View: near Hoan Kiem lake
green Ho Guom: 32 Le Thai To St
Fantasy: 52 Ton Duc Thang
Ice Trang Tien:
 the crossroad of  Trang Tien - Ngo Quyen St, opposite Cong Nhan theater, famous
Fried Ice: Bao Ngoc House - 98 Hai Ba Trung St, VND 3000/
dish, or Giang Vo St
Kem Xoi: Hai Ba Trung St (Ice with rice)

Sinh To
:Nguyen Truong To St VND 3000/glass ( vitamin juice from fresh fruits)

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